kitchen stories app

Kitchen Stories, a global cooking platform with over 6 million users, offers a plethora of recipes, instructional content, and a community for home cooks. Recognized for its design, winning awards like the Google Material Design (2016) and Apple Design Award (2017), the app and website simplify cooking with over 10,000 recipes, step-by-step guides, and tools for all dietary preferences. Users can explore new recipes, share their dishes, and connect with a global community of food enthusiasts.

From 2018–2020, I was the product design lead at Kitchen Stories, where I collaborated with a cross-functional team, including leadership, designers, engineers, and editorial staff. I spearheaded design of features like the Recipe Creation tool on iOS and Android, boosting community engagement and doubling the platform's content. Working in a startup's fast-paced environment, I embraced a variety of roles, from driving the brand's redesign to creating impactful marketing assets for partners like Apple and Google, and designing a cookbook with Penguin Random House, contributing to Kitchen Stories' evolution and market presence.

Recipe Submission

Encouraged home cooks to share their recipes within the Kitchen Stories community, resulting in user-generated content (UGC) that doubled the platform's recipe count and increased user engagement.

Recipe Manager

Launched Kitchen Stories' premium subscription service featuring the Recipe Manager, which enables users to collect their favorite recipes from the web and save them into organized collections within the app.

iOS 14 Widget

Designed two widgets for iOS 14's launch: Recipe of the Day and My Cookbooks.

Interactive Polls

User feedback from interactive polls customizes the cooking experience, informs editorial planning, and delivers trend insights for brand partners.