anyone can cook

Published by Penguin Random House Verlagsgruppe, Anyone Can Cook is a 320 page cookbook with the Kitchen Stories app's best weeknight recipes. All 70 dishes are accompanied by concise, step-by-step instructions, just like how users know from the app. The cookbook focuses on approachable dinners, with each dish requiring less than 60 minutes to make. The first chapter tackles a cooking crash course to help beginners develop basic skills and stock their kitchen pantries. The rest are divided into 5 chapters: Soups & Salads, Vegetarian & Vegan, Pasta, Meat, Out of the Oven—with a variety of recipes that can easily be adapted to dietary needs. Illustrated tips and infographics can be found throughout the book, adding a hint of delight to every page.

I conceptualized and designed spreads with our small but talented team of in-house designers and illustrators.

Design Lead, Art Direction
project type
Book Design
2020 (German, Penguin Random House)
2021 (English, Prestel Publishing)
Katherine Pihl, Ivette Felix Uy
Keke Shen, Amina Urkumbayeva
Bernadette Chan, Ivette Felix Uy
Aurore Caussade, Wioleta Piotrowska
on the cover
Swiss chard, Italian Sausage, and white bean pasta
Photography: Aurore Caussade, Wioleta Piotrowska / Art Direction & Prop Styling: Ivette Felix Uy / Food Styling: Hanna Reder / Recipe Development: Devan Grimsrud
The cover of a cookbook titled "Anyone Can Cook" by Kitchen StoriesSwiss chard, Italian Sausage and white bean pasta dishPages of a cookbook featuring Lemon and hazelnut spaghetti carbonaraPages of a cookbook showing how to make 3 curry combos
Illustrations: Amina Urkumbayeva
Illustrations from the cookbook by Amina Urkumbayeva
Pages of the cookbook explaining knife skillsPages of a cookbook featuring how to make Lemon and hazelnut spaghetti carbonaraExamples of the cookbook's icons