anyone can cook

Published by Penguin Random House Verlagsgruppe, Anyone Can Cook is a 320 page cookbook with the Kitchen Stories app's best weeknight recipes. All 70 dishes are accompanied by concise, step-by-step instructions, just like how users know from the app. The cookbook focuses on approachable dinners, with each dish requiring less than 60 minutes to make. The first chapter tackles a cooking crash course to help beginners develop basic skills and stock their kitchen pantries. The rest are divided into 5 chapters: Soups & Salads, Vegetarian & Vegan, Pasta, Meat, Out of the Oven—with a variety of recipes that can easily be adapted to dietary needs. Illustrated tips and infographics can be found throughout the book, adding a hint of delight to every page.

I conceptualized and designed spreads with our small but talented team of in-house designers and illustrators.

on the cover
Swiss chard, Italian Sausage, and white bean pasta
Photography: Aurore Caussade, Wioleta Piotrowska / Art Direction & Prop Styling: Ivette Felix Uy / Food Styling: Hanna Reder / Recipe Development: Devan Grimsrud
The cover of a cookbook titled "Anyone Can Cook" by Kitchen StoriesSwiss chard, Italian Sausage and white bean pasta dishPages of a cookbook featuring Lemon and hazelnut spaghetti carbonaraPages of a cookbook showing how to make 3 curry combos
Illustrations: Amina Urkumbayeva
Illustrations from the cookbook by Amina Urkumbayeva
Pages of the cookbook explaining knife skillsPages of a cookbook featuring how to make Lemon and hazelnut spaghetti carbonaraExamples of the cookbook's icons